13 November 2011

Letter from Matlock 10/10/2011

Dear 家族、

        General Conference was so good! Just inspirational. The best part was the girl who wouldn't stop bugging my companion during the last session on Sunday. She likes missionaries apparently and took a liking to my companion. Ok well maybe the inspiration received from Prophets and Apostles was the best part. I have a renewed dedication to read the Book of Mormon, Bible and to be fruitful and replenish the earth. My companion keeps saying he is baby trunky since he heard that. He's not kidding either. In case anyone’s wondering what conference is all about...this video will show everything! Highlights of General Conference
         Since coming to Adachi we've actually been going to a sign language class. A deaf member has a class at the church every Wednesday. It’s been pretty interesting; I just wish I would have more use for Japanese sign language in more real life situations. It’s definitely interesting though. There’s also a sign language circle in the town and we went to that too. The deaf sister wants us to teach people who go to the circle. I'd love to but as I like to say "the spirit is willing but the brain just don't know enough!" I would like to study American Sign Language sometime. Studying sign language here is like studying a foreign language- inside of a foreign language! It’s ridiculous; I don't know how to explain it besides a foreign language inside of a foreign language since you have to learn one before the other. As they were up there signing and chatting away I felt strongly that I needed to be able to understand everything coming out of their mouths before I could get anywhere with the signing! Yeah no thanks! Have enough on my plate as it is. It’s fun though. Add some flavor to streeting everyday all day.
           Oh! Best part of this week- I got to see one of our old investigator’s face again! We talked on skype for a while on Friday and it was fantastic! He's even going to get another investigator’s information so I can talk with her too! The computers are just too big of a blessing. I thought I would have to wait until I got back until I could talk with either of them.
           Speaking of going home... I decided I'm no longer telling anyone when I'm going home. Especially the members. Everyone knows that my companion is going home and it’s just terrible. He's getting reminded about it everywhere he turns. I see the wisdom in my trainer’s actions. No one knew he was going home until he was already there. Smart guy.
          Things are fun here, despite the apartment being much too small and the lack of people to teach. . I'm really enjoying the company of my companion and roommates. Its super good.
Thank you everyone- Love you all!
--Matlock Wyman

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