13 November 2011

Letter from Matlock - 11-8-2011

To whom it may concern,

     Transfers happened this week and you’re not going to believe what happened, because I don't believe what happened. I transferred out of Adachi (Hallelujah!!) and went to Kichijyouji. This is pretty much the center of everything. Most conferences are held here, it’s the stake center and it used to be the mission home. My new companion is my old MTC companion! The very same one that I slept under, waited in line for the showers for, raced up five flights of stairs every day, and practiced hiragana flashcards with for 3 months in the MTC. It’s weird. I think we must have both grown a lot or something because it’s a lot more fun now than it was a year and a half ago. I'm really looking forward to it. He is the district leader over a district full of spanking brand new missionaries so we're thinking of ways we can mess with everyone. I wouldn't call it hazing it’s more like initiation.
     I am so, so glad to be out of Adachi. I didn't tell you this earlier but Adachi is among the most dangerous cities in Japan, and has the highest crime rate in Tokyo. In my opinion it’s the dirtiest place too. My health was starting to decline. I left with a bang with our Halloween party on the 4th of November. A bit after the fact but I suppose the logic behind that is that no one can use a Halloween party as an excuse to get out of going to a Halloween party after Halloween. We made a maze which people had to navigate through in the dark while we jumped out and scared them. While poking around a dollar store we found these balls that you can stick glow sticks into and make it... well, glow. So we got three of them and I juggled in the dark. It was the funniest thing ever! I have to get my hands on some light up balls when I get back.
     The last day in Adachi however didn't make me sorry to leave. Not when I was heading back to the apartment at 9:00 with dead legs, sharp pain in my stomach, light rain and a flat tire. It was one of those moments. My moment of serenity was when I went to the temple last week. It was amazing how I was able to utterly and completely separate myself from the uncleanliness and ungodliness for those moments in the temple. Unfortunately I just stepped back into them upon returning to Adachi. That’s why we have transfers.
     Thank you everyone for everything! 愛!
--Matlock Wyman

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