05 October 2011

Email from Matlock 10/3/2011

Dear Family,
     Konnichiwa! From Adachi! Things are going quite well with my new companion. He is very different from his brother though. Which is probably a good thing in some aspects. They look different too but when I look at him from the right angle in the right light and he makes just the right face he looks just like his brother! I'm continually astounded at how different they are and yet exactly the same at the same time. If that makes any sense.
     When I came in here we had absolutely nothing. Basically what we have are people who have been meeting with the missionaries forever are not progressing and haven't met with them much over the last month. The most promising person was a man who wants to meet for 2 hours to talk about who knows what. And he apparently doesn't like the missionaries that much. So we are starting from scratch here. We went out and tried to find a lot of new people and found a good amount of people with great potential. One kid wanted to be baptized, one man wanted an eternal family, and others wanted to learn more or do a tour of the church. Upon following up with these people we were disappointed to learn that we had found a bunch of liars who gave us false numbers, emails and even blocked our numbers. There are easier ways to get rid of us! So the goal for next week is to have that not happen.
     Yesterday we had an all mission conference where the returning missionaries gave their farewell testimonies. My companion was up there. That was very indicative of how much time he has left. Most of the people bearing testimony were my senpai or the group that’s one senior to me. Which means next time is me.... weird to think about because I still have a ton of time left!
     Oh! On the train on the way back I talked with a new missionary who is absolutely hilarious! He told us the long long story of him and his girlfriend. It’s not a long drama it just simply what he did for her right before he left. So he met this girl fell in love but knew that he would be leaving on a mission soon. He wanted things to work out while he was gone for two years and he also had three months of downtime between school and the MTC. SO- He wrote twenty four letters to her for every month of his mission. For every letter but the first and last one he made a package to go along with it filled with mementos from past dates, mix CD's candy who knows what. He marked and labeled them and has his parents sending them one a month. Then apparently you can write e-mails and text messages and have them be sent a different day so she is also getting an email a month from him as well as random scattered texts throughout the mission. She mentioned that Sundays are lonely for her since both her parents have church responsibilities and SO- he wrote an email to her for every Sunday while he is gone! On top of this he has links to video messages that he recorded that she will receive every month or so I guess. Its oh-so romantic and if things don't work out between them it will be the worst! I have never ever in my life heard a crazier story than this. About 90% of missionaries that I know of have broken things off with their girls. Or got broken off.... This kid is a classic newbie. So funny.
      Speaking of new missionaries there's one in this apartment and he's from Japan. He is so funny! Every night he has been telling us scary ghost stories. These are really funny! Last nights was about two girls staying alone in the house and one was sleeping on a bed while another was sleeping on a futon on the floor. The one on the futon kept trying to get the other girl to go outside with her. She asked her to go to the bathroom together with her, to go out to get a bite to eat together and then to go out stargazing together. Finally the girl consents and once outside asks why did you want me to come with you so bad? She replies, under your bed was a man holding a knife! Then he says OOooh so scary! It’s a blast I really enjoy this apartment.
      Dad- you've eaten Kobe beef?! I want to try that so bad! Apparently the cows they use for Kobe beef they keep in the dark all the time, either feed them sake or bathe them in sake, have them lying down most if not all the time, and the best part- they massage these cows all the time! Now that’s some tender meat. If you want to learn more about the making of Kobe beef you can probably find more at some animal rights activists’ website.
       Thank you everyone, Love you all!
--Elder Wyman

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