13 November 2011

Letter from Matlock - 11-1-2011

Dear Family,
     I miss my sticks!
     Well there goes October. Yesterday I remembered two times during the day that it was Halloween. We happened to be in a mall and they were taking down decorations already. Halfway through the holiday they're moving on. Obviously Halloween isn't a big deal here. Same with Christmas unfortunately, and Thanksgiving.
     This week is a very special week because this week is the week that I found a juggler. We went to a train station to meet with a woman who had met with the missionaries before and had a little interest in the church. Since we were pretty early we decided we would pass out some English class fliers. Outside the station there was a street performer standing on a trunk doing some balloon art. I thought that this must be good and naturally stayed to watch. He broke out some devil sticks which are like the juggling sticks I used except a little different. Basically they don't have the tassels on the end and go a lot faster. He was really good! It was so good to meet another soul who cares about juggling! After his performance I talked with him and I showed him what I could do with his stuff which wasn't really anything. We traded numbers and everything so I want to be around the next time he gives a performance. Any chance you can send my sticks over here? I can't decide whether or not it would be worth it but it would be really cool to toss sticks around with him.  I miss my sticks! (I typed that and then wondered what it would sound like out of context so I put it at the beginning of the letter.)
     After wards we met with the lady and talked with her for a bit. We had an opportunity to share a really good testimony of this gospel and it really seemed to touch her heart instead of falling short at the ears which happens more often than it should. Unfortunately she is really busy so we can't share more at the moment. She said she would read the Book of Mormon but that’s what she said last time too....
     In other news, we got our hands on a Swedish Book of Mormon! I probably mentioned this already now that I think about it. We will get that in the Swedish student’s hands this weekend and build his faith! He told us that he is afraid of being compelled to believe, or as I think the concern is eventually convincing himself that it is true. I think once we can get him into the Book of Mormon he will realize that there’s a lot more to it than convincing yourself its true. I've had a hard time forging revelation from God to myself and other people. a.k.a. I can't do it.
     Things keep on moving. Went to the temple today and it was spectacular. I can try to go into detail in explaining it but I'll just leave it at "super good feeling".
                     Love you all!

Matlock Wyman

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