13 November 2011

Letter from Matlock 10/17/2011

Dear 家族

   When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child: but when I became a man, I but away childish things. And that goes for everything except the asthma apparently! It’s exactly how you described it to me, it’s when I go to sleep so when I lay down is when it hits. I'm sure all of our neighbors have a serious problem with the Word of Wisdom, and we live in between a few multi-level highways, a monorail, some factories and a bunch of major roads. I wouldn't say that this is the cleanest air I've breathed in my life. There was also someone who decided to make a puddle in our staircase. Not the most spiritual thing to put into a missionary letter but hey you like the nitty gritty details right? I'll talk to our mission doctor and see if I can get some prescriptions. I recall talking to him about this earlier and I think he told me he could get me meds if I got him a prescription from my parents. Then I talked to my parents and they said they could get me meds if I got a prescription from the doctor. I recall playing this game when I was young too- Hey can I go out to play? I dunno go ask your Dad, I dunno go ask your Mom, I dunno... Bottom line is I want to go out and play already!
           We're still tying our fingers in knots and flapping our arms around getting this sign language down. We're not finding anyone on the street, we have no one to teach so we really don't have anything else to do. We invited more people to church at the sign language circle than we've been able to on the street for the last week so I think we're on to something somewhere. The only problem is we have to learn another language to teach them. Might as well learn Portuguese and start teaching people who have a Christian background already. Heck just transfer me to Brazil already. I could do it!
           Last night my companion and I were invited to a members home to share a message. Last time we were there they had a small tank full of eels. This time all but two were gone. Guess what we ate? It was pretty good tasting for such an ugly looking creature. Perhaps the uglier it is the better it tastes. Those naked mole rats just started to look a lot more appetizing... 
           Speaking of ugly fish we went to the aquarium last P-day. They had a dolphin show. Pretty cool. There was also a sea lion show. Also pretty darn cool. Dad can we get a pet sea lion?! I'll walk it every day I promise! 
           There’s really not much going on so there’s not much to put in here. Funny how that works out. I did get my hands on some small airplane key chains to give as Christmas presents to my MTC roomies. Just as a soft reminder. You won't believe what we found in the closet here the other day. A huge airplane model. That’s staying on my desk.
           Really not much going on. I decided I'm going to try to read the whole Old Testament before I'm due back. That means I would need to read 5 chapters a day. God speed.
                                    Love you all! You are all number 1.
--Elder Wyman

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