27 November 2011

Letter from Matlock - 11-21-2011

Dear Family,

    Things are going pretty good here in Kichijoji. There’s a lot to do here and so it’s unfortunate that we haven't been able to do anything yet. Just as my companion recovered from his sickness I came down with my own and so we haven't really been able to go out and do anything yet. On Friday I slept in really late and felt pretty dumb for not being able to do something as simple as get up at a reasonable hour. Then during the course of the day I developed a sore throat, runny nose and ended up back in bed by six. Didn't feel so bad after that. On Saturday I wasn't feeling any better and it was pouring rain outside. I decided to quit while I was already behind and we didn’t' go outside that day. Then on Sunday I fought through my first church meeting in Kichijoji avoiding shaking hands with everyone with a tissue box by my side at all times. I'm hoping this week we'll finally be able to thrust in our sickle and reap kichijoji until there’s nothing left of it but brand new chapels all over the place.
     We had district meeting, and it went really well. Except for my companion and I every companionship has a brand new missionary in it. One is a tank. After district meeting one thing led to another and I ended up pressed up against the ceiling. No joke. It was the coolest thing to happen to me since Dad threw me up in the air and caught me some 15 years ago. Not to say you've been replaced Dad it’s just...
       Some good news, first I'm not in Adachi, second one of the investigators who one of my former companions and I found in Tokorozawa is going to be baptized in another week or two. Third I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Japanese! It was just like reading it in English except I understood a lot less. Now if I can just get some Japanese people to read it, maybe they'll understand it a little better.
       Right now we're working with a guy who is about 30 years old and 10 years of that was spent in solitary confinement in his home. He went to America and got into some stuff he shouldn't have and now he's not in good shape. My favorite still has to be a scots man. He’s in every sense an old Scottish man. During English class when I teach English phrases he explains them with English phrases that I have never heard before. It’s really funny! Have you ever heard "stand a mile" or "stand head to shoulder"? Didn't think so. He said that he will read the Book of Mormon for us, he doesn't think it’s actually at all important but he will read it because we want him to. I asked why he would read it for us and he says that we are good guys and wouldn't steer him wrong. So we've at least got the trust down. I really enjoy working with him, despite how weird that may sound. Maybe it’s because most Japanese people just don't think about anything and don't have opinions or wouldn't tell you even if they did. When it comes to discussing religion it’s hard to find anyone who will give you their two cents.
       Well, hope all is well on the home front.
                   Love you all!
                   --Matlock Wyman

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