03 July 2011

Email from Matlock – 23 May 2011

Dear Family,

I am so happy right now you have no idea. So when I left Togane I lost contact with a good friend. I had an email address but I didn't know if it was correct or not since he wasn't replying. Well, I just got an email from him! Turns out he was just so absent minded he didn't check his email for several months. He was very apologetic but I thought it was hilarious since that’s exactly how I remember him. Very, very absent minded. I missed him so much, I'm simply ecstatic that I'll still have contact with him. I was beginning to wonder if there was any way for a person in America to find someone in China when they didn't even know how to spell their name. Dodged that bullet!
     Second big item of rejoicing- we got the announcement and we are going back to Tokyo this Thursday! This is like the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm so happy to go back.
     Third item of interest- I came to Nagoya for about two months which was about long enough to land myself on TV. No I'm not kidding. So. It all started with another Elder receiving a name from a member. They told him they know a kid who is training to be a motorbike champion and wants to learn English because he's going to become a world champion and needs English to do so. So this Elder went and would teach him English once a week. When I came he told me that since I was the native speaker I should go teach him. So I've been teaching him English since I got here. Apparently he really is on his way to being champion because he just won a huge race, and they are making a small documentary of him to put on TV. Well, he mentioned that in order to become a world champion he's taking English lessons from some missionaries from America and Brazil. Now, the TV people want to film us teaching him English. Isn't this a scream? I haven't even made it on TV in America yet! So pumped. Tomorrow we are going to go teach him and there will be a television crew there. I hope after this I can go knock on doors and have people say- "hey- I've seen you before!"
      Speaking of which someone did say that to me yesterday. We housed into this guy who says he's seen me before up in Yokkaichi which is the area just north of us. We talked for a long time. I mean a long, long time- about two hours. Turns out he's really interested! Interested in what we're doing as missionaries, and how we do it. He just kept asking question after question and somehow we got into the missionary schedule and how we pay for all of this. We did however talk about the gospel, and he was in fact interested in it. After it got a bit late we traded phone numbers gave him a Book of Mormon and beat it home.
      And that is why I'm ecstatically happy right now.
     Where is Elder Wyman off to next? To find out- stay tuned till next week!
Love you all!
Elder Wyman

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