21 July 2011

Letter from Matlock – 12 July 2011

Dear (Family in Japanese Characters),
            There’s been a lot going on this week! And you get to hear a condensed less interesting version in this letter. Enjoy!
We’ve had a lot of people to work with this week. One new investigator tried to drop us after she read about Nephi decapitating King Laban. I don’t know what she’s talking about- that’s the best part in that chapter! Just wait until she gets to the end and 230,000 Nephites fall by the sword. Anyways we talked it over with her and convinced her to keep reading.
            Then we met with an American who hasn’t really been to church since he was ordained a deacon. He’s thought a lot about whether or not the church is true and so in order to find out he turned to the internet. Great! We got to answer some pretty interesting questions, some of which we told him to set aside and not think about it until he understood some more basic principles first.
We found a Japanese class this week that costs 100 yen. Turned out to be a really good idea! I talked a lot with one student who is from China and she actually teaches Chinese class every Friday. We are so there! She also wants to practice her English so we could be seeing her 3x a week at English, Chinese and Japanese class!
Also new this week, there will be family home evening every Monday, and the advisor for this activity will be making a blog for it! I’ll keep you posted with the URL for that when he makes it.
            Almost forgot about the coolest stuff that happened this week! We were walking down a bazaar when we found a guy with a magic stand. We talked to him for a bit, he did some magic for us. It was decent. I’ve seen better. And done better. Afterwards I said I did magic too and some juggling. He asked to see some juggling so…I showed him. He thought it was just like a pop-tart- crazy good!
            From there we went to district meeting. In my district is an Elder who just came from Togane. Togane! He said they’ve been working with one of our investigators a lot. He was one that my former companion handed him an English class flier and so he started meeting with us to learn English. He didn’t believe in God nor did he care to learn more but the whole time I was there he was growing very slowly but very steadily. He’s kept up the pace and knows the church is true but is still keeping that slow steady pace towards baptism. I was simply thrilled to hear about that! I’ve really felt that God’s wisdom and guidance has been helping him along. So exciting! I get so pumped when I think about it.

Love you all,
(Elder Wyman in Japanese Characters)
Elder Wyman

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