03 July 2011

Letter from Matlock – 14 June 2011

Dear (Family in Japanese characters),
            So remember how when I first came to Japan they announced that we were going to get computers in just a few months?  A year later we’re actually getting them!  We’ll be the pilot mission for the church so basically if we mess up missionaries around the world will not have computers to use.  I can just feel the pressure already.  My fingers are just itching to jump onto Facebook the first chance I get!  Just kidding, I’ll be good…come to think of it having not used it for over a year Facebook isn’t even that exciting anymore.  We’ll look at what happens.
            Speaking of good news, we have a fantastic ward mission leader.  He’s brother Honda.  I just realized all you non-native Japanese people may find that amusing.  Honda is actually a common name, as is Suzuki.  Mitsubishi, however, is not a name.  Anyways – he’s going to America soon for a business trip and offered to bring back something from America.  Now this is the moment of truth.  What one item from America do I want the most?  The answer is – Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.  I’m salivating already.  And I will praise Brother Honda’s name for many a breakfast!
            Overall things are going pretty good here.  I’m working with my companion on his English a lot.  It has a lot to be desired but is very good compared to some of the new foreign elders in the field.  He just needs the motivation to really buckle down and he’ll be fluent by the time he goes home.
            It’s a very good thing my companion didn’t go to America though.  We went to Costco today (J) and as I put food in the cart all the said was Eww!  What’s that?!  We don’t need that! Gross!  That’s way too much!  He would die in America.  I’m actually trying to talk him into visiting America so I can purge him.
            It may be mostly due to my experience with my companions but lately I’ve really felt just how weak I am and how little I can really do.  In turn I’ve discovered just how wonderful the atonement is.  Those times when we’re at our lowest there is a hand there to lift us up and when our all isn’t enough there is someone to take us the rest of the way.  Looking back, that’s probably the only way I survived him…by trusting in Jesus Christ.  I’ll be slow to forget now where my strength lies.
Love you all,
Elder Wyman

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