15 July 2011

Letter from Matlock – 28 June 2011

Dear (Family in Japanese Characters),
            The highlight of this week by far has to be splits with another Elder.  He’s just so full of love and so darn funny.  While we were on the train going to our missionary conference a man standing next to us read his nametag and asked what matsa jitsu meant.  He told him that matsu jitsu meant latter day and that seito meant saints and so all together it means latter day saints.  Then he said if that’s too bothersome you can just say LDS.  By way of definition he just translated it into English!  So funny!  Then later the man said something to the effect of “Oh, God, I don’t believe.”  Then the Elder said, “You don’t believe?!  If you don’t believe there is no way you can go to the Kingdom of heaven!”  I didn’t catch much of what he said after that because I was cracking up!  The man that he was practically condemning was laughing too, when he got off the Elder said – “You’re getting off?  That’s too bad, this train is going to heaven!”  Hilarious!  Simply hilarious!  I love him!
            Later on splits we just went to a park and I juggled while he blew bubbles.  He would blow some bubbles and then exclaim – tanoshii!  (fun!)  It actually wasn’t too long before there was a large group gathered around us despite hardly anyone being at the park.  So basically the best splits of my mission.
            Sunday was very interesting.  A new lady came to church found me and my companion and said, remember me?  You knocked on my door!  I didn’t remember and obviously hadn’t expected to see her again.  I spent all 3 hours of church and then some trying to remember where in Japan we ran into her.  Now if only I could remember her name….
            Also new to Tokorozawa, a member and his family from my first area, Sakado.  His brother and his family were in Togane and I also went to his sister’s wedding.  I’m going to end up following this family around until I go back to America!
            One last interesting tidbit.  As we were showing the church introduction video to an English class student I realized that the church in the DVD was the same building we were sitting in.  On top of that I knew everyone in the movie. Surprise. Surprise.
            Ok, one last tidbit, I finished reading Jesus the Christ!  Only took me forever, excellent read, I highly recommend it to everyone.
Love you all,
Elder Wyman
(Elder Wyman in Japanese Characters)

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