15 May 2011

Letter from Matlock – 11 May 2011

Dear (Family in Japanese characters),                                     2 May 2011
 It is officially rainy season!  Or as I like to call it, May madness.  If only I could get brackets going it could be just as fun as March madness.  For those of you who don’t know how to play here are the rules for May madness.
1.      You are allotted a maximum 1 minute interval between clear skies and pouring rain.
2.      If you forget your rain gear it will rain.
3.      No time outs
4.      Have fun!
No one really follows the last rule though…
Speaking of having fun I managed two more flats on my bike tire.  I think there’s more patch than tube in my back tire now.  Someone has yet to tell me the most patches you can put on a tube before you have to buy a new one so I’m just going to keep going.
This week brought a lot of ups and downs, starting by meeting the biggest jerk that I have ever had the misfortune of crossing paths with.  He was so rude that my companion thinks he’s part of the Yakuza or something because normal Japanese people are simply not that rude.
In contrast to that we were able to teach a lesson to our new investigator!  She liked everything she heard and wants to dive right into the Book of Mormon.  We set a baptismal date for the 21st of this month.  Whether or not we can do it by then is another question.  Whether or not we will even still be her by then is also a whole other question.  Apparently those rumors circulating around the “mom network” are actually pretty accurate.  Today half of the Tokyo missionaries are returning to Tokyo.  I am in the half not going back to Toyko.  I’m glad too, there’s still some work to be done here in Suzuka!
We were able to have a great meeting with another part member/less active family.  The father was baptized but went inactive when he went into high school and so the mom and children are not baptized.  We had a really great time talking with them.  Apparently he has a friend who teaches at BYU and he got a Christmas family letter type thing from them but since it was all in English…he couldn’t understand any of it!  So I translated it for him and he was very happy to know what his friend told him.  Then he played some guitar for us and he is really, really good!  Afterwards I got to talk with the mom a little and it turns out she likes sewing and cooking.  Especially cakes!  So I offered to get (and translate) some cake recipes from my American mother.  J  Thanks mom!  Sorry but if she makes me your cakes you may get temporarily displaced…kidding, kidding , love you mom!  They invited us back over to eat yakisoba sometime before we get shipped off to Tokyo, so exciting!  Coolest family we’ve found yet.  In Japan that is.
Love you all,
(Elder Wyman in Japanese characters)

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