06 March 2011

Letter from Matlock – 18 February 2011

Dear (Family in Japanese characters),                                     7 February 2011
Well this week was action packed.  We started off with splits in Oizumi.  That area is not in Japan, it is in Brazil.  The missionaries there are Brazilian and they use on a regular basis; Portuguese, Spanish, English and Japanese.  We went around and visited some investigators and I just sat there quietly and waited for the translation.  They’re building a branch out there so a lot of the normal rules don’t apply.  That was a lot of fun!  I met the branch president who speaks Portuguese, Japanese and all of the dirty words in English.  That was interesting.
Then it was the Zone p-day which consisted of sports ending with Brazilian food.  In this case Brazil is synonymous with meat.
After all of that I was wishing I had been called to Brazil!  The people have much more personality, are more open to the gospel, the language is easier and sounds cooler in my opinion.  But then I returned to Japan and life went back to normal.  I’ve been on 4 splits since I last wrote.  One was one of my MTC roommates.  During one of those splits we found a house that had a bag full of heads in their yard.  So creepy!
So my companion is pretty ready to go home – and I’m staring another year in the face!  Sometimes I think – this day is not fun I don’t want to do this anymore.  But then I think this transfer is almost over!  It felt like yesterday that I got here!  Feels like last week that I came to japan.  Time is going pretty darn fast.  And I think back to my first few months here and my feelings of not wanting to be a missionary back then were definitely much stronger.
And whenever I get to this point we see more miracles!  Somehow being able to reach out to one person makes even a difficult day worthwhile.  We met a guy housing.  He’s not Christian but really likes the bible and graciously accepted a Book of Mormon.  He’s pretty busy so it may be difficult to meet but if it works out that would be cool!
(Elder Wyman in Japanese Characters)

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