11 March 2011

11 March 2011 - Word from the mission office

Yes, there was an earthquake in Japan of magnitude 8.9 on the rector scale.
The following email arrived early this morning:
Dear Parents of the Japan Tokyo Mission Missionaries,
Inspite of the severe earthquakes experienced throughout the day, particularly the large earthquake at 2:46pm off the coast of Miyagi, North Eastern Japan, all of the missionaries in the Tokyo Japan Mission are safe. We have contacted directly each of the areas in the mission and have heard from each and are assured that all are safe and unaffected.
All the trains in the Mission area are currently unusable, but otherwise there have been very few other effects that will influence our missionaries. There has however been many serious effects in other areas of Japan. 
We are grateful for your constant prayers for your missionaries and ask you keep them and the people of Japan in your prayers particularly at this time.
Best Regards,
Japan Tokyo Mission

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