11 March 2011

Letter from Matlock – 8 March 2011

 Dear (Family in Japanese characters),                                     1 March 2011
Well, my companion finished his mission.  This week was pretty interesting.  Tuesday we went to the temple and there were a ton of missionaries there since it’s the last week of the transfer.  After that we went to Akihabara.  Akihabara is the place to go if you’re looking for any type of electronic on the fact of the planet or if you’re up to no good.  I don’t think I would mind not going back there.
Other than that we didn’t really do anything.  I did hit my year mark though.  Half way.  That’s crazy.  I hear that the second year goes a lot faster than the first which I believe cause nothing could have been slower than that first year.  I did have a dream I went back home though.  Before you call me a truncky piece of scum, let me explain the dream.  I went home but in the back of my mind I was thinking, well I grew a lot, and learned a lot but not nearly as much as I expected…Almost like the glass was only half full.  Oh – one year, ironic…I had the same going home dream when I had barely come out into the field.  In contrast with my current dream the thought in the back of my head was, well I haven’t really done anything, or learned anything but….fascinating how things progress.  No matter how much I want to go home sometimes that desire is outweighed by my desire to fulfill a whole two year mission.  So I want to go home in one year more than I want to go home in one month.
            That and I’m done with not wanting to be where I am.  In high school I just wanted to finish and go to college.  In college I just wanted it to end and go home.  Once home I wanted to go enter the MTC.  In the MTC I wanted to be out in the field.  Then I wanted to be back home.  Some Elders get off their mission and want to be back in the field.  Heck, I’d go back to high school if you let me!  I’m not doing this anymore!  When I’m on a mission, I’m on a mission.  When I’m back in school, I’m back in school.
So back to the mission.  This Sunday was fantastic.  Our new investigator came and had read about 17 chapters from 1st Nephi!  The night before we had dinner with two high school girls from eikaiwa and one of the girls’ mom.  They’re all former investigators and the two girls came to church the next day!  Then after church we had a potluck or (Japanese characters).  3 more people from eikaiwa came to that!  We’ve been able to build really good relationships with all of them and it’s going really well.
Well times running out.
Love you all
 (Elder Wyman in Japanese Characters)

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