14 March 2011

11 March 2011 - email from Elder Wyman

Thanks to all who have called and expressed concern.  Sorry I didn't share this piece of good news sooner!
---The Mom :)

hey- so we had a huge earthquake yesterday. I mean really, really big. All the power went out, we couldn`t use the phones to call people or to email, the train system shut completely down, and apparently a pretty big tsunami hit the east coast of Japan. It was intense. We still were having pretty big aftershocks up till about this morning. It seems like its died down, we haven`t felt anything for awhile. The powers back on and we can use our phones with no problems. We`re about to go get food once the stores open up. There's a possibility that there will be a difficulty getting food and the water may or may not stop working so we are going to take those precautions. I think we`ll be ok since we`re pretty far from the coast and everything seems to be going back to normal. But yeah, were ok out here, didn`t get hurt at all.
They had to evacuate all the elders near the coast and bring them into the mission home. If I were still in Togane things would be more interesting.
oh- having an aftershock as I`m typing this. Not done yet I suppose.
well take it easy over there, everything's fine here.
Elder Wyman

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