19 August 2011

Letter from Matlock – 8 August 2011

Dear 家族
            Apparently things aren't going so well in other parts of the mission since access to youtube was prohibited due to some missionaries looking up some "very inappropriate videos". What this means for me is, I can't look at Mormon messages anymore. Which is a shame. I'm still trying to figure out what is very inappropriate and how that would compare to extremely inappropriate or just mildly inappropriate. So the computers are in jeopardy of being taken away if missionaries keep doing stupid things like that. I say they're just asking too much from us, not being stupid and such. Lower expectations are always easier to achieve.
Now I'll share the weirdest part of the week, the coolest part of the week, and the most miraculous part.
So we were biking down the street, we had just visited a less active member from Cuba and were on our way to the apartment to finish up study. My companion was ahead and I had to cross on the other side of the street to keep up with him since he went through a yellow light. I was biking along on the opposite side when I see a man collapse on the ground slightly ahead of me. I wasn't paying attention so I only noticed him when he hit the ground and started rolling. That’s not normal so I stopped to help him up and see if he was ok. He sure didn't look ok but he kept insisting that he was just fine. Then he starts talking to me in fluent English! In between labored breaths he assured me that he was fine and didn't need help and I didn't believe him since I was holding him up while he was telling me that. His toenails were about half a foot long, and it seemed as if though the last time he trimmed his toenails was the last time he shaved, changed clothes and took a shower. He absolutely refused any assistance and so I... just kept going and didn't really worry about him.
     Then the cool part was, I got some geta. You may be wondering "what is geta". I will tell you. They are shoes. Really old fashioned Japanese sandals that are made of wood and are amazing. I found out the store owner had a daughter who was Christian so I gave him a pamphlet to him to give to her. Maybe something will happen with that.
      The most miraculous was this- my former companion and I stopped someone on the street about a month and a half ago who didn't really seem that interested in church. We got his number anyways and tried calling but he would never answer so we both stopped worrying about him. Well, he called and said that he wanted to come to church and check it out! It was incredible! He came had a good time and I gave him a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet. It was amazing; I never would have guessed that we would be actually interested in coming to church. Yet he came! Just goes to show you never know what fruits your labors will yield down the road.
      Well that’s this week in a nutshell. Transfers this week so hopefully this next week will find me in a new place.
Love you all!
-Elder Wyman

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