19 August 2011

Letter from Matlock – 15 August 2011

Dear 家族

Yep. I got transfered. I am now in Abiko with a new companion. He is transfer 4 and is American though he's been living in the Middle East for quite a while now. He says the Middle East is a pretty safe place to live. I don't know if I believe him. And I don't think he should believe me too- he's under a strong impression that I'm only on transfer 6. In actuality I'm not on 6 but twice that much making 12. We'll see how long that lasts.
       The last week included a trip to Costco. Turned out to not be the best timing. Last transfer when I was struggling to fit everything into my allotted space I told myself that next time it will be easier. Things were just fine before I considered the box of soymilk and maple cream cookies. That’s enough soymilk to last one month and enough cookies to last one day. I'm confident that next time it will actually be easier. Unless there's another Costco nearby...
       Our friend came to church again last Sunday. I feel very confident that he will find a lot of joy in the church. He's about 40, 50 years old, has no family, and works 5 days a week. He's found some good friends already at church which I don't think he's really finding at work. When the teacher talked simply about who God is as written in the Book of Mormon he was captivated and took careful notes. This gospel will fill his life with so much joy and meaning. Now I have to find some people like that here in Abiko!
       I just found out that I'm the new district leader here. Would have been nice if they had told me that a little earlier, like during the transfer call. Should be fun. I've only been a district leader in Tokyo for two weeks and about two months in Nagoya.  
        Alright since I'm lacking a lot of detail in this letter I'll tell a story of this week. My former companion and I decided we wanted to work at a nearby town but it was much too hot and we didn't feel like biking there. So we took the train up, got off and started walking around. We decided we would go to a park that was a bit of a walk away and talk to the people on the way. There wasn't very many people out and I couldn't blame them because it was so darn hot. Upon arriving at the park we start talking to a guy sitting on a bench. Our attempts at sharing the gospel seemed a little less eloquent than usual and I wasn't very confident that he would accept an invitation to hear more. But he did! We set up a date to do a church tour and talk a little bit more about the good, good news. Of course that’s happening tomorrow back in Tokorozawa. Hopefully it goes well!
   Another little tidbit before I wrap up here- I finally worked up the courage to use one of those whitening strips. It indicated on the package that it would be normal to experience some pain or discomfort for a few hours. Apparently a few hours translates into eight hours. Oooowww. That may be a first and a last for that one. Unless I become so vain as to subject myself to that much torment for white shiny teeth. Seeing how fast my hairline is going I think all chances for vanity are out the window...
        Well, wish you all well back in the great U.S. of A.

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