18 August 2011

Letter from Matlock – 25 July 2011

Dear Family (in Japanese characters)
            I think I’ll report this week in chronological order since I don’t know how else to go about it.
            Started off with a Typhoon. (In Japanese that’s taif­ū. There’s a vague similarity that I can’t quite put my finger on.) About the time it started raining was when I discovered that my companion absolutely loathes rain.
            From there we had splits. I went with an Elder that also lived in the building across from me in BYUI. Probably the same stake! Go figure!
            It was about this time that my allergies hit. Runny nose, sneezing...Just remember, it all fits in later.
            Following that was zone conference. They asked everyone to leave their shoes in another room the same day I wore multi-colored toe socks. Can you ask for better timing?
After coming back I wasn’t feeling hot so I went to bed early only to roll back out of bed half an hour later with an asthma attack. I thought it was a little odd so we called President and the doctor who told us to go to the nearest hospital. At 10:15. Unfortunately my symptoms had died down by the time they sat down with me to do something about it. I assured them that it was more impressive an hour ago. I was really tired since my body had been ravaged by allergies, we were communicated with words I had looked up on the way to the hospital and it was then past my bedtime. One of those times where you scream serenity now! And crawl back into your futon.
Then P-day happened to be my companion’s birthday. So we played Frisbee all day.  Afterwards a member from Sri Lanka took us out to an authentic Sri Lankan restaurant. It was soooo good! Thank you!
            Now it’s technically not P-day anymore but due to some special circumstances I’m finishing this letter today.
            We got computers today! Tokyo mission is now the only mission in the world to have computers. We can email, go online and other computer related things. And next time I call home- it will be on Skype!
Elder Wyman-(in Japanese characters)

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