19 August 2011

Letter from Matlock – 1 August 2011

Dear Family,

So since I have this laptop sitting on my desk I figured I would spare myself the pain of handwriting a letter. It just got way too convenient I can't resist anymore.
It’s really interesting having the computers. We can e-mail people we are teaching, members, people we meet on the street... I'm still not sure how to go about using it in the work since it’s just so darn different! It’s interesting for sure. During study I can go look up conference talks and watch Mormon message videos online. Just really weird and crazy.
        Speaking of weird and crazy one of my past companions is getting married! I got a letter from him today and apparently he is engaged. I think that’s the first one of my past companions to get engaged. He just earned himself a special place in the record of my mission.
      Meanwhile back in Japan, it looks like I'll be transferring next time. In two weeks one of us will be gone and it will probably be me.
        So nothing too big this week, just practicing typing in Japanese. I don't know if I told you or not but p-days from now on are on Monday.
        Can you look up something for me? Its lectures on faith given by the Prophet Joseph Smith in the school of the Prophets. It came up in my study but I have no way of looking it up. We have a very limited internet access.
Thank you so much, love you all
--Elder Wyman

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