31 January 2011

Email from Matlock – 31 January 2011

Dear Family,

Once again I don`t feel like writing a letter. So don`t expect anything for a while.
Well I`m officially 20! Not a teenager, not a child I`m twenty years old. I don`t feel too different though. I kind of wish I was still 19 since there’s nothing too special about being twenty. Since the Japanese people are not considered adults until they turn twenty, they are always very surprised when they find out that I`m only 19 yet out in a very foreign country crying repentance and whatnot. For my birthday we had a very typical missionary day. It was good I suppose.

At a ward activity I met a less active youth who loves ping pong. I played him and was able to hold my own which impressed him a bit. Hopefully I can do some ping pong reactivation missionary work. Wow, anyone who read that sentence without any background on this would probably be really confused.

My scripture study has actually become very interesting lately.  My companion and I have an ongoing discussion about agency. So agency is such a valuable gift that even God cannot force us to do things. Physically cannot make us do anything. It’s against the laws of heaven. Instead of that he just humbles us and tells us what to do so we don`t get cursed again. We`re also trying to decide which is more powerful, faith or agency. Faith can move mountains, but no matter how much faith you have someone can still decide to not accept the gospel, not come back to church, continue being a dolt, etc, etc.

So today we`re actually going on splits to Brazil. No joke, we`re going to a Brazilian area in the mission, where they find, teach, and work with Brazilians. Hence the early email. But here`s the thing- yo no se en el portugese. I can probably pick up enough phrases to be slightly useful but this may be the most relaxed splits I ever go on. Relaxed except for.... getting there! Its a three hour train ride! I`m going to go broke or crazy I don`t know which will come first.

Well thats all that stuck out in my mind this week. Take it easy, have fun with your new foreign family. Oh, Dad and Becca, please practice your language skills all the time! It’s such a good opportunity!

Love you all,
Elder Wyman

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