31 January 2011

Email from matlock - 25 January 2011

Dear Family,

I don`t feel like writing a letter today- so I`ll email.
This week was busy with splits and district meetings. We traveled two and a half hours by train, half an hour by foot to attend a district meeting.  That was expensive and exhausting.

Yesterday we had about an hour to go streeting after we ate at a nearby ramen shop. I`m going to backtrack a little here- ramen! They serve gyoza with the ramen thats as big as your fist! Never seen gyoza that big in my life! Anyways we were streeting and my companion was looking at something behind him and I saw a guy coming towards us and I just felt like he needed to be stopped. So I did. The thing about this guy that was different from any other Japanese person we`ve met is that he has actually thought about things! When we asked about God he had his own ideas and opinions beyond uuhhh I don`t know. Then he said something I`ve never heard from a Japanese person on the street before- I have interest! Then we had about ten minutes left and were at a crosswalk waiting for the light wondering where to go to kill ten more minutes, and I see a guy walking on the other side of the street. He`s wearing the same thing as all the other Japanese business men who are returning from work, and those people have zero happiness in their lives. Nor patience for Christian foreigners. I felt like he needed to be stopped right then. Absolutely had to happen. We walk quickly across the street and call out to him just before he rounds the corner and passes us. Turns out he was Islam, but fluent in Japanese, and before we could say more than we were volunteers for Jesus Christ he asked us for our phone number so he could give it to all his friends. He said he knows lots of people from Brazil, Phillipines, Japan, who all believe in Jesus Christ and he said he would introduce us to all of them. We were astonished. I still can`t believe what happened. You have no idea how exhilarating it is to have an urgent impression from the spirit, act on it and see miracles like these!

In other news after this week I should be as proficient in kanji as a second grader! Still, nothing makes sense, but perhaps third grade is where its at.

take care- love you all
--Elder Wyman

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