18 January 2012

Email from Matlock - 12-28-2011

Dear family,

It was great talking to everyone the other day despite Skype cutting out every 8 min. I'll tell you I was trunky like nothing else right after that call but it wore off by the end of the day and I was back to my normal level of trunky.
Things have been going good with my new companion. There are lots of "newbie" things we have to just laugh off such as calling me Elder Hayman and splashing ramen on my shirt and tie from across the table, but things are going good! Yesterday we passed out three Book of Mormons, one to a former investigator and two more to people on the street. If we can keep the momentum going like this we'll be rolling in lessons.
Our one good progressing investigator is looking pretty good. He has a date to be baptized on the 15th of Jan and is reading the Book of Mormon every day. We're praying that his faith continues to build and he'll be able to make this date.
Things are so good so far. No complaints.
This week being the end of the year brought some reflection on this year being my missionary year. This is the deepest I've reflected on a past year in my life. So many things happened, I learned so much, and there was also lots that I didn't do or wasn't able to do or just neglected to do. Next year my mission will go on for two short months and end and so I couldn't help but to think "well, whatcha gonna do now?" It was good. I don't necessarily feel like this last year was all that great. It was great in the sense that I learned a lot and that will help me for the rest of my life. Planning on making the next year a much better one!
Have a happy new years!
Elder Wyman

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