17 January 2012

Letter from Matlock - 12-12-2011

Dear Family (in Japanese Characters),
            A good thing that happened this week was with an investigator.  This investigator is 20, and is going to New York in March of next year.  I am Matlock.  Matlock is 20, and is going to the state next to New York in March of next year.  I would say it’s a big coincidence but I stopped believing in those a while ago.  During the lesson he asked how much a Book of Mormon cost and if it would be ok if he came to church.  We answered $20 and no you may not come.  Ok that was a joke, it’s looking pretty good.
            One last weird thing that happened.  On Sunday we got a ring on our doorbell.  When we opened the door there were two people standing there.  That doesn’t happen every day.  Turns out they were the only thing they could have been – Jehovah’s witnesses.  They found us, I dunno how but they found us… run Marty!  We had a short strange conversation where they tried to convince us there was a supreme creator using crazy scientific facts.  Did you know that all of a human’s DNA stretched out is long enough to reach the moon and back 650 times?  Do you care?  Cause I don’t. It was weird cause it was obvious we already believed in God.  He asked what we think we could do to come to know God better.  This is what we try to get people to do every day, so…yeah.  I answered “Well, reading the scriptures, praying to God and going to church.”  In response he gave me a present in the form of a watch tower like magazine called awake.  So I said I had a present for him too being the spirit of the season and everything.  We gave him a book of Mormon.  The he pulled out a bible story picture book and gave that to us too.  I could just see him thinking in his head “I see your Mormon bible and raise you a…picture book!  Ah – I fold.
            Now I’m memorizing scripture references – gotta get warmed up in case there is a bible bash going down soon!
            Love you all!
            Matlock Wyman

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