13 September 2011

Email from Elder Wyman 9-13-2011


     This Monday we started our Family Home Evening activity. There were six people there including us missionaries. It was a blast! So much fun that no one came the next week. It may be a challenge to get this thing up and moving with people coming to it regularly. If we can get it going though it will make missionary work so much easier! Last time we did a puzzle per say where you lay 6 pieces of paper on the ground in a grid shape. One person who is in on the secret turns around while everyone picks a square. Then the other person points to various squares and the person will know exactly which square was chosen. It took them forever to figure it out! Next I took three umbrellas and depending on how they were arranged they made different numbers from 1 to 5. One by one they realized that the numbers had nothing to do with the umbrellas and a lot to do with how many fingers I was holding up. It was a great time.
      On Sunday a friend of some members came to church. He is busy working and taking care of both his parents at the same time who are in the hospital. It’s been really hard on him so he's all ready for some gospel healing action in his life! We had a really good lesson with him and he agreed to try reading the Book of Mormon. That will help him more than anything right now.
     So there's plenty going on over here, and I'm pretty tired which is a good sign right?
  Love you all!

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