03 September 2011

Email from Matlock – 29 August 2011

     This week was interesting to say the least. Right now I'm in Ushiku. You may be wondering what happened to my companion and time in Abiko. Nothing at all actually in fact my companion is still here and we are still working in Abiko. A missionary in my district ended up going home and so we became a three-some covering two areas. On Wednesday we got the call saying we would be a three-some and on Thursday we combined. It’s been the most hectic week ever! Both Abiko and Ushiku have a lot going on and it’s been almost impossible to cover both of them. President called yesterday however and said that there is a missionary who is getting transferred up here. So tomorrow the three man madness will come to an end. Not a moment too soon!
     One interesting thing about my extra Ushiku companion is that he will be getting his 21st companion tomorrow. That is a lot. He will have had four companions in this transfer. Or that could be five different companions in the space of three weeks. I'm only on my 11th companion. He's certainly had an interesting mission experience.
     I'm not sure what to tell you about this week since it was all a blur of riding the train between Abiko and Ushiku and trying not to go crazy when one of my companions went into planning overdrive and was trying to come up with plans for the week after 10:30 when I was in bed trying to go to sleep.
     Well before all this madness happened we got to meet with one of the investigators we met housing last week. He took us to a huge Buddhist shrine and showed us around. So cool. I had no idea it was even there. It was surrounded by a huge park and we walked around and talked for quite a while. After all was said and done he told us his school would start back up soon and so it would be impossible to meet from now on. Looks like we're going to have to go out and find someone else now...
      On top of that none of the people we were trying to get to church came to church so Sunday school turned out to just be the missionaries and the teachers. We spent the whole time talking about activities we could do so it was really quite good. I had suggested a few things and everyone was really on board with it so it should all go into effect in the near future! There will be an English class on Sunday morning before church focusing mostly on gospel principles and well church words, as well as a family home evening every other Monday and a sport/ game night every other Saturday. If these all go through and become consistent activities...I will be very happy!
       Well I suppose I will wrap up my letter here. Since today is our first and last P-day in Ushiku we're all going to go see the giant Buddha that’s in this area. Apparently it’s bigger than the statue of liberty. All I know is that we can see it from the apartment and it’s a pretty far ways off!
      Love you all!
-Matlock Wyman

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