30 April 2011

Letter from Matlock – 25 April 2011

Dear (Family in Japanese characters),                                     18 April 2011
 So I’m reading the book of Mormon in English and in Japanese independent from one another.  Unfortunately my reading in English caught up with my reading in Japanese this week.  Much confusion followed.  I cannot follow the story line at al land the spot around Alma chapter 25-30 is one big jumbled mess.  Oh well…
More exciting than that however is the two new people who came to English class this week!  With two more people that brings our attendance up to…two!  They are both college students and one of them spent the last year in London and has a smashing accent.  We finished the flier and are distributing many in the hopes that attendance will double by next class.  Can’t be too hard right?  Oh, the interesting thing about those two is that they found out about the class on the internet!  The one typed in free English class into a search engine and out class came up!  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the only one to come up!
The other great accomplishment for this week was the new person we found to teach!  We met her yesterday and she really wants to learn about the church.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “but where is she from?”  The answer is not Japan but Brazil.  She actually teaches English here in a Brazilian school so we do all our communicating in English.  Not so great for my Japanese companion, but I’m ok with it, oh – and get this – we just happened to have a Book of Mormon in Portuguese with us.  I’ll tell you; honestly I don’t usually carry one of those around!  We’ll meet with her and her husband this week.  Excellent.          
Love you all,
(Elder Wyman in Japanese characters)

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  1. Tommy is so cool, it's not even funny! - Melody C. (kathery's lil sis)