08 April 2011

Email from Matlock – 28 March 2011

Dear Family,

       This week continues to be interesting. There was a three day training for all the zone and district leaders in the mission, mainly the ones who came from Tokyo.
      Right as I got back from the conference I had to go to a baptismal interview for the other elders in our apartment. It was in Spanish so basically we both did the interview. Didn't really need me there... It was for a 9 year old kid.  
      I heard at the conference that there is still problems with the nuclear power plant, mainly the fact that they cannot shut it down. It would be simple enough to walk in and push some buttons to stop it but that’s difficult because, well, its radioactive. It sounds like the plan is to wait for it to run out of fuel which could take until the end of next month. There is still the possibility of the reactor exploding but I don't think that’s as likely. We'll see how this one turns out!
      My companion is pretty interesting. I spent a few days just asking him questions about everything. He doesn't really talk unless you talk to him. We were working on getting and contacting referrals from some members the other day and I was pretty much the only one talking. With the language barrier that wasn't the easiest thing I've done.
Well, love you all
elder wyman

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