14 September 2010

Email from Elder Wyman 9/13/2010

I did get transferred! I’m now in Togane, which is basically on the very corner of the mission- right on the coast! yes! My new companion is Elder A and he has two transfers left on his mission. So it looks like I’ll be sending him home. I think I’ve grown enough since coming out here and I’ve caught light of what missionary work can do for people enough that I won’t want to go home with him like I did with my first companion. But Togane! I’ve only heard fantastic things about this place! So my MTC companion- his older brother served in Tokyo and he was in Togane and it was his absolute favorite. He loved it so much that my MTC companion wants to go there more than anything. Anyone I’ve talked to says it’s the best area in the mission. The mission president before our current president said that it has the best ward in the entire mission. Apparently the missionaries are had over for dinner multiple times every week. So I’m feeling rather privileged to be in the coveted area of the mission.

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