04 September 2010

Letter from Elder Wyman – 10 August 2010

Dear (Family in Japanese characters),
So last Wednesday we decide to visit some members who are on the other side of our area, and consequently that was one of the hottest days that week. Despite these facts I only brought a liter of water with me. Well – that night I did not sleep great at all. When I did get to sleep or even half asleep I had such fit full dreams that I’d be jolted back awake multiple times. When 6:30 rolled around I thought “Hah! Yea right!” And went back to sleep. I woke up with a fever of 100 degrees F and a pounding headache. I slept in until the afternoon and then we went out and did missionary work (of course). That’s about how the routine went for the next 3-4 days. I’d wake up feeling like crap, get reasonably better in the early afternoon only to have most of my symptoms return before we came back and so I’d head straight for bed. Oh, and on day 3 or so I added diarrhea to all of that. No idea where that came from. This week was fun I guess you could say….I really enjoyed sleeping in so much I just wish I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Somehow feeling like death takes the fun out of relaxation. Don’t worry I’m all better now though – I’ve even returned to a normal bowel movement.
Well this week we got a lot of things fixed in our apartment. We reported everything that was broken to the mission office and they sent some people to take care of it. We got a new breaker so our power isn’t shutting off all the time, new wallpaper in the bathroom as it was peeling like no one’s business, a new mirror/hygiene box in the shower so now we can actually see in the mirror and open it to put stuff inside. Then they also put a cover over the electrical socket in the kitchen as it didn’t have one previously. Elder Bishop and I also went and bought some drain soap to take care of the smell in the kitchen sink and some new pillows to replace the ancient ones that were heavy with the drool of generations of missionaries. So the apartment is looking a little better, much closer to being habitable now.
Love to you all,
(Elder Wyman in Japanese characters)

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