26 September 2010

Letter from Elder Wyman 14 September 2010

Dear (Family in Japanese characters),
I suspected that I would get transferred this week so I spent some of this week saying goodbye to people.  We called up our investigator and told him that I might be leaving and we want to meet with him one more time.  I also told him we were sorry if he felt pressured or uncomfortable during our lessons and that that wasn’t our intent.  So we went out and got lunch and just chatted with him and smoothed things over.  He brought a bunch of old family pictures and war items from his father when he was in the military.  He also brought two stories for us which he translated into English from the original Japanese.  (One of them was about a group of Samurai style suicide – really gruesome.)  He was talking about war and then he paused and I began to feel the Spirit and I wasn’t sure why – I hardly knew what was going on.  Then he said he wanted to say a prayer for all of those in the military who had been killed.  So we did.  It went well and after I knew where I was going and told him he said he would see me at church!  I also told our couple investigators that I was leaving and that they should come to church to see me off.  And they did!  At church I found out that our investigator had sent a letter to the church addressed to a member family explaining why he had cancelled the dinner and why he didn’t want to hear lessons.  Then the member family called him and they worked everything out.  I don’t’ know what the problem was but its fixed now!
Do you remember the guy we met or the train who sings in multiple languages?  Well we went down to Urawa so we could meet with him.  He took us into this large mall and into this small French place to get a drink.  Well the only things on the menu were tea, coffee, beer, and cakes, milky cakes.  So I was limited to an orange juice and a grapefruit juice.  I hate grapefruit so I got the orange.  This orange juice cost seven dollars!!  Just one glass!  Outrageous!  I could buy two gallons for that price in America!  Good thing he paid for us or I would’ve put a little dent into my travel money.
Oh on the way home from a stake activity my companion saw a girl he knew from high school.  That was weird.  I can’t even imagine how weird it would be running into some of my old friends as a missionary.
So Togane!  Apparently this is the absolute best area in the mission.  It’s got a few record setters as well – it has the largest hill in the mission and the highest apartment of all the missionary apartments.  We’re on the 12th floor and I hear that earthquakes are the funnest up here as well.  I’m excited to be working here!  The apartment isn’t a piece of junk as well which is a huge step up from Sakado in that respect.
Love you all,
(Elder Wyman in Japanese characters)

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