10 July 2010

Letter from Elder Wyman written 5 July 2010
Dear (family in Japanese),
Interesting stuff this week as usual.  So halfway through the week we went to another area to go on splits with the traveling assistants.  They go on splits with everyone in the mission and work on improving finding techniques.  It's something they're doing this transfer to help improve the mission.  In my case I mostly learned some studying techniques for language study.  The mission puts a lot of emphasis on focusing on the investigator in language study, but they are very vague on how to do that.  After some discussion with him however I was able to figure out what that actually entails.  I really feel like my language skills are progressing!  It seems like a few things just clicked into place and I've understood twice as much.  Still short of par but at least I can follow a little closer.  Part of this is definitely due to a recent decision I made.  I read in Preach my Gospel that there is power in using the scriptures for language study.  I'll say there is!  From now on I'm definitely using the Japanese Book of Mormon for a portion of my study.
I hadn't talked with all our investigators for a while but then I was able to get in touch with and schedule stuff with each of them yesterday.  It was way cool - I really feel like I have something that can help them. 
One day it was pouring out so we decided to visit some members.  We went to this older couples house and they invited us in, gave us drinks, etc.  They brought out their daughters 20th B-days pictures.  When girls turn 20 in Japan they are taken out to get their pictures taken in the traditional Kimono outfits.  (20 is when you turn an adult not 18 in Japan)! 
This week I was told I have pretty eyes by three different people.  And they were all men.  Then another guy said I have a pretty face, and another guy asked me and my companion if we could be models for him.  He wanted to take our picture as well.  So there you have it - I'm beautiful.  Hey, Japan said it not me.....
I didn't know what rain was until this week.  They weren't kidding when they said rainy season.
Well Independence Day came and passed. I hope you sang our nations hymns loud and proud for me.  I can't show it out here but if someone stabbed me the blood would come out red, white, and blue!
(Elder Wyman in Japanese)

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