07 July 2010

Letter from Elder Wyman written 29 June 2010
Dear (family in Japanese characters),
Well, good week this week.  Things are going well with my new companion.
So you sent me some stuff about happy science in one of your letters.  Perhaps I can add some details perhaps not found on the internet.  There is an underlying motive just screaming behind all this garbage.  I was flipping through one of his book/pamphlets on how to become a "happier" person, and each point he made somehow came back to work; work performance, efficiency, coworker relationships.  Then I was reading one of my trainers pamphlets and it talked mostly about how members needed to establish the church in New York and how from there they could spread to the world.  He's bent on world domination and wants to make us his corporate slaves!  We're convinced (my former companion and I) that his soul has left his body long ago and he is being inhabited by thousands of evil spirits.
After hearing little from the family for a few weeks I got a wave of about 4 letters this week from home dating back to the 10th of June.  I got the silly band too.  It's pretty snazzy.  I can see how younger kids are going crazy about them.  However I bet if Staples released bags of fun shaped rubber bands it would go by relatively unnoticed.  Either way I want to spread the fun so I'm including my own silly bands with this letter.  Enjoy!  (He included a rubber band.)
We were biking down the street and I stopped one guy and said we came from America, we're missionaries, we teach about Jesus Christ, etc.  Then I said - "May I hear your name?"  The guy looked at me for a second and then took off running!  I mean he was booking it!  I turned to my companion and asked "Was it something I said?"  He said, "Yea probably the name Jesus Christ."  Strangest reaction I've got from someone so far!
The other day we housed into some Brazilians!  The mother spoke Portuguese and Japanese and the son spoke Portuguese and English.  We did some linguistic juggling and left them with some Portugese pamphlets later.  There are actually a lot of Portuguese speakers here and they bring a lot of missionaries from Brazil and Sao Paulo to Tokyo.
Crazy thing happened the other day - we were biking toward the mall when we see this guy man-handling this other guy and slamming him up against the wall and such.  These two other guys in business suits are just standing there watching.  We think, "What on earth?"  We cross the street and are on the same corner as him and the guy wrenches something from his hands and gives it to one of the other guys standing there watching.  So we cross the street again and are about to head into the mall when we see the guy booking it towards us and two police cars coming around the corner and two other guys are chasing this guy.  They catch him and threw him in the squad car and take off with him.  It was one of the most exciting things ever.
And of course what week is complete without running into a group of drunken Nihonjin?
I heard just a little about the BP oil mayhem actually.  Don't assume I hear a lot of news because I really don't!  What you've told me is all I know about happenings in America.  How hard is it to keep oil in one place?  Honestly we seem to have a reoccurring problem with this and all you have to do is not blow things up and keep these barges upright - is that so hard?
Yes, everyone carries a handkerchief but that's not because the bathrooms don't have towels- it's because they have no toilet paper.  Just kidding - most bathrooms have both of those things.  People use them as sweat rags.  It's hot over here!  I have one and its way useful especially when it rains and I need to wipe down a bike seat.
So I got a letter from a friend saying she thoroughly enjoys the blog, along with those she has told it about.  Just so you know your hard work is being appreciated! 
Japan is a nice place and all but they don't celebrate the 4th of July here.  I don't see why not.....
Love you all
(Elder Wyman in Japanese)

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