21 July 2010

Letter from Elder Wyman written 13 July 2010,
Dear (family in Japanese),
Is it a bad sign if I come back to the apartment and study negative adverbs?  Amari - not very much, zen zen- not at all, kesshite - never.  I have learned a positive word however - kekko - or I'm fine thanks, sigh.... 
We had a practice lesson set up with a family and we weren't sure where they lived so we were in a bit of a rush to get over there.  Well, I was in a bit of a rush and my companion was in a HUGE rush!  He was going top speed, in top gear, etc.  I was struggling to get close enough to tell him to slow down!  And struggling to not kill someone on the way!  So about he time he was entirely out of sight I hit something or ran over something and I blew my back tire out.  Urrgh!!  So - I start walking in the general direction and 4 blocks and 10 minutes later he realizes I'm gone and comes back to find me.  So 3 hours and 2,000 en later I'm back on the road.  Well, we didn't get there any faster now did we?
Well anyways I suppose it's time for the happier stories.  On Saturday we helped a couple move into their new home from their apartment.  The whole bishopric and a good portion of the elders quorum were helping as well.  Someone came out of their apartment around the corner and one of the members got excited and called out to someone.  So we said - sure ok!  We talked to him and found out he just moved here and had no friends.  We hardly had to ask him if he wanted to go to church, he was way to excited to go!  So the next day he came to church!  The members who met him the previous day were just tickled pink about the whole situation.  And now the guy has more friends in the church than I could have ever hoped for!  I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him!
So sis - you ran into a Spanish speaker and couldn't communicate right?  Well I guess I know how you feel.  We housed into this guy who only spoke Spanish!  Neither of us can speak Spanish!  (And no, 4 years of Spanish did not leave much behind.)
A member took us out to eat at a Portuguese restaurant this week.  So they brought out huge hunks of meat on a skewer, sliced them off, and kept coming out with more and more meat.  Meat only!  It was like a dream come true but not in the best way.  I do recall in Exodus or somewhere that the people of Moses wanted food other than manna and then they got it out their noses.  Well that sounds about right.  So much for the eat little meat commandment.  Completely threw that one out the window.  Well now I know what the Brazil mission is like....
Startling discovery this week.  I can no longer use the phrase "dig a hole to china".  I'd probably have to dig a tunnel if I wanted to get to China.  Could probably dig a hole back to America though.
Love you all
(Elder Wyman in Japanese)
P.S. We got new eikaiwa flyers!

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