04 June 2010

4 May 2010 - Letter Quotes "the last week in the MTC - We had so many little meetings and firesides!  One of them was on "in field" language study.  They showed us this commercial of a German man in a naval base of sorts and someone comes on the radio and says,  "Help we're sinking!"  He replies, " Hello, this is the German navy."  They reply, "We've sinking!  We're sinking!"  The German man says, "Well, what are you thinking about?"  I thought it was extremely funny.  But then again old Mormon ads are my idea of quality television."  &n So we had a new teacher the last week. We are supposed to have 2 the whole time and we had at least 5. Anyway, he was writing something on the board and he dropped his pen cap and it rolled under his feet right by my desk. So I picked it up and put it in my pocket. He continued teaching his lesson, but he kept meandering around looking for the pen cap. Those who saw it were just trying their best not to bust up laughing. He's looking behind doors and under stuff looking for this thing. Then about 5 min later he says, "Ok, were going to take a quick break and look for the cap to this pen". Then he turns away and starts looking under something saying yeah yeah can`t find it don`t know what happened to it yadda yadda and he set the pen on the whiteboard so I discretely stand up and pop the cap on and sit back down. Then Elder R stands up and says you mean this pen cap? He looks really confused at it and says oh... yeah. Then Elder R says did you just have the cap in your hand the whole time and then put it on the pen when you set it down?! B Sensai said, "Wow I guess I did.... ok, yea everyone take a break. He had the most confused look I`ve ever seen on anyone. It was hilarious. We never told him.

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