21 June 2010

15 June 2010  Letter from Elder Wyman: 
Dear (family in Japanese Characters),
Well, this next week is actually going to be my companion's last week.  It's my job to make sure he finishes strong apparently.  Now that we're at the end of the transfer it seems all our hard work is paying off.  We came in here with absolutely no investigators and now we have two new investigators (hopefully more this week) and have re-contacted two old investigators.  That and our Eikaiwa (English lesson) class has expanded from two people to roughly 10 people. 
So one of the new investigators went to a wedding reception and then church the next morning.  We were fairly surprised since apparently he had been out drinking all night and was dead tired and probably had  a hangover. It was a very interesting day at church.  In Elder's quorum the teacher asks everyone to throw out all the church doctrines we can think of and he writes them all on the board.  So everyone's shouting out all these different doctrines and they're all going up on the board with a sentence to two of explanation.  Our poor new investigator was sitting there with his head exploding.  Then we had an earthquake in the middle of the lesson.  It was funny because everyone acknowledged it and then went on with the lesson as if it wasn't happening.  Must be as common as rain over here.  So anyways - we're giving him doctrines and I say - law of chastity.  He says, "yes, that's a good one" and writes it up on the board.  Then he says, "Oh hey!  What just happened yesterday?  He just got married!"  In my head I'm screaming "No! No! You are NOT going there!"  Then he says...."Eternal marriage!  That's another doctrine we have!"  At this point I think, whew!  I thought he was going to open up a whole other can of beans there!  It was a good day at church overall and our investigator still has interest.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and will be teaching him tomorrow.
It's really exciting being in this mission.  The Eikaiwa (English language teaching) program is being revised, and so now people have to come hear a 30 minute introduction to the church before regularly attending the class (hence the new investigators).  Also, Salt Lake is using this mission to test run the use of laptops.  With these we'll be able to check weather, google maps, email investigators (I forget if I mentioned all of this earlier or not.)  We'll also be able to keep an online area book so that the bishop and other people can also access and update it.  We're supposed to get them throughout the whole mission by September.  We'll see how it goes!
We needed to make copies of some things one day so we went by the church.  We were also out of toilet paper, so there was an ulterior motive.  At the church they've got those fancy spray down toilets.  So - I decide to give it's functions a try.  I'll tell you - that tickled like nothing other.  Don't think I've ever been tickled there at all before actually, very interesting.  I didn't find it as effective as the traditional method.  The traditional method being ripping a page out of the JC Penney catalog.
So my companion has been packing and subsequently getting rid of excess junk to trim down on weight.  He passed on one of his rain jackets to me and coincidentally it also rained this week.  I found his rain jacket to be infinitely superior to mine, especially in the keeping rain off my body department.  Now all I need to find are some good rain pants and I'm good to go!
We got another cactus today.  This one is much pricklier than the other.  I decided I'm going to get a small cactus for each apartment I'm in.
Cultural side note - Japanese kids love Pokemon, but they also have a cartoon called Anapanman.  Anapan is Japanese sweet bread.  So it is bread man.  He flies around and feeds lonely kids with pieces of his head.  Ok, I don't actually know what it's about but it sure does pique the curiosity.
At a member's house we met a Japanese girl with a heavy British accent.  Way crazy - was not expecting that at all.
Well - love to you all
(Elder Wyman in Japanese characters)

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