24 June 2010

21 June 2010
We recieved a brief email from Elder Wyman - he now has a new companion.  "He seems like a cool guy and we should get some good work done.  He has been out for 6 transfers which means he got out here around last October.  It's a little bit of a change being the one who knows where everything is and who everyone is!  We'll see how that ends up!  I can hardly find the way out of my own apartment.  Should be interesting.  I have high hopes for my language progression this next transfer.  So my new companion is actually the district leader!  We have a mission conference next week and I'm looking forward to seeing some of my kohai in the MTC and some of the Elders that I came to Japan with.  Should be cool!
Love you all
Elder Wyman
We are so excited for him!

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