05 March 2012

Email from Matlock 20 February 2012

 Dear 家族、

        I got my flight plans today! I'm going to be leaving at 2:50 in the afternoon and arriving at Dallis at 1:30 in the afternoon. I travel back in time! Bottom line is I have 16 hours of flying and layovers. Just can't wait I'm really super excited for everything.
        Right, missionary things. We've been doing missionary training for a young man. He is my favorite member. He's been planning on going on a mission so we're trying to train him a little bit in the ways of missionary work. Other than that we have no real investigator lessons.
        Our finding efforts have been interesting. One guy wouldn't acknowledge my existence so I followed him talking to him and testifying hoping that he would notice that I was there. Without even batting an eye or even looking at me he walked straight into a police box and started complaining about me. Oh goodness. I just walked away and of course the police man didn't care about this man complaining about how he can't deal with a 21 year old foreigner trying to talk to him. So there was no problems.
        I'm starting to change my strategy a little bit. No more chasing people down and a lot more going to parks and talking to people who are just doing weird things. We met a guy playing these African tribal shaky balls. He was cool.
        Had some zone leader splits and those were interesting. We went to Sukiya and had some gyudon together. There are about 5 different sizes you can get ranging from tiny to mega, but the biggest one of all is not actually on the menu. It’s the king size and its about 2-3 times bigger than a mega. So naturally we all got it. My companion and one roomate finished theirs, I had about a fifth of it left and decided that I could either not eat it and fail or eat the rest and be in great pain and picked option #1. The other roommate got down to just one bite and had to go to the bathroom and almost threw up but didn't. Afterwards we spent a good three hours or more cleaning the apartment. The district and also the zone theme became clean your apartment so the Zone leaders decided that during splits we would do that. I never realized just how dirty it was until I went to clean it. It’s bad. We have a mountain of garbage in our genkan now. Fun splits though.
         A former companion called and said that he met a member and his fiancé from my first area and they wished me well for the last bit of my mission. And he said that on Monday he wants to go tour some places with his parents and he needs someone to come along so naturally I'm coming with. So exciting! Can't wait for everything. Can't wait to see everyone and get back in touch with everyone. Elder Oaks is coming tomorrow and we'll have a big conference.
         I'll do what I can to have as much fun as I can these last few weeks and still get stuff done.
      Love you all!
--Matlock Wyman

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