05 March 2012

Email from Matlock 13 February 2012

Dear Family,

     I never realized how long one month is until now.
     Started off this week with pretty dismal weather. It hasn't been cold enough to snow so any precipitation we get comes in the form of pain and suffering. Tuesday and Wednesday were particularly bad not so much as the weather but in the sense of getting completely blown off by every living soul around. I came pretty close to giving a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to a few of these people. Then the next day I went on splits with the district leader and for some reason we saw a ton of success. Within two days with four hours to do finding altogether we found about 9 people who traded contact information with us. I don't know how that happened. A few of them said they want to be baptized even. Following up with all of them will be the tricky part but with that many people surely at least one of them will start learning about the church! Those splits went really good and I learned a lot of great stuff. One thing that the district leader is good at that I needed to learn was being super bold and not taking no for an answer. You feel much more accomplished when you do. And more people get angry at you which makes everything more fun. Those spits were just way too much fun. I wish I was companions with him, but that would be just too good.
      Also had something fantastic happened. There was a person that I found a long time ago who seemed to have lost all interest and friendliness when we called him back so we lost all hope for him and deleted his number. We got a call yesterday from none other than this guy! He said he wanted to go to church next week. So he is back on the radar. Also my companions called an African guy from the area book and it was hilarious. The conversation sounded kind of like this- "wait- who are you? Elder T? I don't know no Elder T? Hey how'd you get my numba? From Elder E? I don't know no Elder E! How'd you get my numba? Oh I see, I see- you from da church!" Way too funny. And he's coming to church next week. At least he better, he swore on God’s name that he would come. Perhaps eventually we'll tell him not to do that...
     Church this week was plenty interesting. For some reason things are going really good. Tons of members are recognizing our existence and trying to help us out a lot with the work. It’s weird. For the longest time I have had to go out of my way to talk with the members. If I were a normal person or investigator I would have been long gone! Sometimes missionaries take lower status than normal members and we have to prove ourselves before we can make any friends. But not this week, it was great! There's even a member who went around taking pictures of everyone to make a member book for the missionaries! Those are one of the most useful and most difficult to compile tools as a missionary and we're getting one made for us! Hallelujah!  After all the fun at church we were advised by a member of the bishopric to put our suit pants under our futons and sleep on them instead of ironing them. So we tried it and it half worked. You can indeed put a nice crease into your clothing by sleeping on it.
     Other than that we visited the Elders Quorum president’s family and he gave us an assignment to teach the lesson next week in Elders Quorum. A daunting task. It’s good though because now the members are trusting us and involving us. It seems like a pretty simple thing but I feel like I'm actually helping the ward and I'm a part of it not just that kid who has one job of getting people to church and can't even do that right.  Then we went housing around their neighborhood and found a less active member! They already know about her. Once the sister missionaries find out about her it’s all over.
     I'm still working hard but I will tell you it’s hard to fight the trunkyness. If there's something exciting going on I'm usually ok but mornings are especially difficult. I have to focus on study but trunky is stronger than my concentration. Trunky has been growing more and more powerful. Compared to the four other people I sent home I'm doing pretty good however. Though the last two weeks are the real test. Pray that I pass!

Love ya all
Elder Wyman

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