01 February 2012

Letter from Matlock - 1-17-2012

Dear Family (in Japanese Characters),
            I can’t believe January is half over. Just yesterday I was looking at the calendar thinking “oh boy another long month ahead…” My how time flies.
            This week started off with a mission conference for which I had to bear my returning testimony.  Yep it’s that time.  I like to credit myself with giving the most original opening ever.
I quote –
            First off I’d like to say that I’m immensely fond of you all and two years is far too short a time to spend living among such excellent and admirable missionaries.
            I know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.
            But – this is the end. I’m going now.
            Then I took the ring I borrowed from my companion out of my pocket and slipped it onto my finger.  At which point I disappeared and walked out of the room.  Ok, it didn’t actually work but it was still good.  Rest of the conference was pretty normal.  I’ve been to enough of these that their all starting to sound the same.  There were some good points though and on the spiritual aspect it wasn’t a waste.  I guess you could say as far as new information it was lacking but it did a good job of getting me pumped to go out and do some more proselyting.
            And proselyting we did!  On Saturday we traded contact info with two people we met and gave a Book of Mormon to one of them.  On Sunday we met two people who already had a Book of Mormon, then on Monday we gave out a grand total of 4 Book of Mormons. Starting to run out of them to be honest. If our order doesn’t come in this week we may be in trouble.
            In other news we made some takoyaki and it turned out pretty decent. Still not sure how I’m going to find octopus in America but I’ll see what I can do.
            Remember Nichirenshoshu?  They abducted another set of missionaries in the zone!  I’m going to type up a warning and give copies of it to everyone in the zone or surrounding areas.  They are absolutely ridiculous!  I can’t believe what they’re doing.  There are 4 different instances that I know of.
            Today we went up to the temple and it went really well.  Without fail I feel great inside the temple.  We came pretty close to the starting time so there was a huge line of missionaries ahead of us waiting to get into the session.  I was the very last person to make it in so they actually put us up in the very front row.  Come last, go through first, just the way I like it.
            Afterwards I was talking with other missionaries and followed a group of missionaries to go eat on the American base/hotel so we walked down there.  Once we got there they found out they didn’t have the necessary ID to get on anyways.  So we went instead!  I’ve eaten more American food than Japanese food lately!  Living the good life here in Kichijoji.
Until next time – adios amigos
(Matlock Wyman in Japanese characters)

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