11 November 2010

email sent 11/8/2010

So our new investigator accepted our baptisimal challenge and will be baptized this month but you don`t know anything about him cause I never got around to buying a stamp for last weeks letter. oops. I tried to but they don`t sell 110 yen stamps anywhere but at post offices and we wern`t around one this week.... but I`ll buy a book of stamps today and won`t have to worry about it for awhile.
Anyways in short, I`m still learning a ton from my new companion. My japanese has skyrocketed. I mean- it all makes sense how it fits together, doesn`t mean I catch everything, but it makes sense. And theres all these small cultural nuanciaces that he`s filling me in on, like your supposed to take your gloves off before entering someones home. To be honest I don`t think I would have ever picked up on that. and this week we`ve found more investigators, taught more lessons, handed out more Book of Mormons - in just this week- than all of my last month.
Anyways take care,
Love you all,
Elder Wyman

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